A Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Basics

id=”mod_3336783″>Are you thinking of joining Facebook? Or are you new to Facebook and are now staring at Facebook’s homepage thinking: What the hell to I do now? Then this article is just what you need to learn the basics of Facebook. You’ll be connecting with your friends in no time.The first thing you’ll probably want to do is upload a profile picture. You can do that easily by clicking on the link that appears when you hover your mouse over the space for your profile pic. Once you’ve done that, you are ready to tackle Facebook.Facebook Table of ContentsThe Menu BarYour HomepageYour Profile PageYour Friends PageYour InboxChatApplicationsBookmarksNotificationsSettingsA Word of CautionTHE MENU BARThe menu bar is located at the top of every page. It contains four items on the left side: Home, Profile, Friends, and Inbox. Let’s run through each of these briefly.By default, Facebook takes you to your Home page when you log in so that’s probably where you are right now. It’s where you will find your friends’ activities, that is if you have friends already. Your Profile page is where you will find all your stuff on Facebook. It’s also where you will find your “wall”, which is a Facebook term that you’re going to be hearing a lot of from now on. Your Friends page is, of course, where you will find a list of your friends and where you can search for other people who you would like to be your friend. Your Inbox, well, I don’t think I need to tell you that it contains mail that you receive or send to friends.Now that you know that you can navigate between these pages using the menu bar, let’s discuss each page in detail.Your Home PageYour home page has five major components: News Feed, Filters, Requests, Suggestions, and Highlights. (See figure below.)Facebook Home Page LayoutNews Feed. Here you will see all your friends’ activities on Facebook. Wall posts, uploaded photos or videos, posted links, etc. If you want to know what your friends have been up to, this is the place to go.Filters. You can create filters so you can manage how you see your friends activity on your homepage. You can do that once you already have many Facebook friends.Requests. Any request or invitation that you receive, such as friend requests and application invitations, will appear here. (More on Facebook applications later.) Clicking on an invitation gives you the option to Accept, Ignore, or Block. Suggestions. Facebook suggests friends, groups or pages that it thinks you may know or be interested in. It will appear in this space.Highlights. This area shows things like pictures your friends have commented on, videos they have liked, etc.  It also contains links that enable you to “join in the fun” your friends are having.Your Profile PageYour profile page is your own “personal space” on facebook.  It is where your friends will find your profile picture or avatar, your friends list, applications widgets, and your tabs.  By default, there are two tabs when you sign in: Wall and Info.  Later when you start uploading photos or videos, corresponding tabs will appear next to the Wall and Info tabs.  (See figure below.)Facebook Profile Page LayoutWall. The wall is your main “space” on Facebook. Just like on a real wall, you and your friends (if you choose to let them do so) can “write” on this wall by using the What’s on your mind? box right below the tabs.Info. The basic information you typed in when you signed up for Facebook can be found in your Info tab. You can add or remove data at any time.Other Tabs. Additional tabs such as Photos, Videos, Boxes, Notes, etc. may appear once you have used these internal applications. Once you’ve uploaded a profile picture, for example, the Photos tab will already be visible.Just type in what you want to write on your wall and hit the Share button.Clicking on the What’s on your mind? box reveals the buttons for posting a link, photo, video, etc. on your wall or someone else’s wall. Your Friends PageClicking on Friends in the menu bar takes you to a page where you can find your other friends who might also be on Facebook. You can choose to find people through your email address or simply use the Search for People option also in the Friends page.  Once you already have some friends, you can see all of them by clicking on All Friends in the filter located at the upper left corner of the page.Your InboxYou can have a “conversation” with one of your friends by sending them mail. I say “have a conversation” because your replies are appended to the original message and you can see the full history of the conversation in a single thread.A circle with a number on it beside the word “Inbox” on your menu bar indicates that you have new mail, the number in the circle corresponding to the number of new messages you got.ChatYou can also talk to your friends through the Chat feature in Facebook. You’ll see the button for it on the lower right corner of the page. Clicking on it brings up a menu with friends who are available for chatting. So what’s the difference between the inbox and chat? Chat conversations are lost once you sign out of Facebook, mail in your inbox stays there until you manually delete it.I should also mention that you can turn off chat if you don’t feel like it. Just click on Chat > Options > Go Offline. Going offline doesn’t sign you out of Facebook, it just makes you unavailable for chatting.ApplicationsBasically, there are two types of applications or apps for short: those that were created by Facebook and those made by third-party developers. The internal Facebook applications include Notes, Photos, Links, and Video. Third-party applications include games, quizzes, etc. I’ve talked about my favorite third-party Facebook apps .Where do you find Facebook apps?  Click on Applications on the lower left corner of the page and select Browse More Applications.BookmarksRight beside the Applications button I mentioned above are your bookmarks.  By default, you should see icons for Photos, Links, and Notes along with some others.  Hovering your mouse on them shows a description of each icon.You use bookmarks as shortcuts to where you want to go.  I should mention though that clicking on the bookmarks will bring you to a recent activities page.  For example, if you click on the icon for Photos, it doesn’t bring you to your photo albums, it shows you the recent photo albums of your friends.  From there you can go to your photo album by clicking on the My Photos link at the top of the page.  The same applies for the other bookmarks.  NotificationsSee that small icon that looks like a signboard? That’s where all notifications can be found. Facebook notifies you if your friends post something on your wall, comment on your uploaded photos, etc. When you see a red bubble with a number on it, it means there’s been some new development. So aside from watching your inbox, you’ll also want to keep an eye on those notifications for friend updates.SettingsHovering your mouse on the Settings button on the upper right side of the page, you’ll see three options: Account Settings, Privacy Settings, Application Settings.You can change your real name, email address, password, etc. through Account Settings. Privacy Settings allows you to create different levels of privacy. For example, you can set certain information to be viewable by selected friends only. Application Settings allow you to control how applications behave. Just have fun and experiment with these options.Account Settings pagePrivacy Settings page A Word of CautionOnce you begin connecting with friends and doing applications, Facebook can be quite addictive. Watch out for the signs and symptoms of Facebook addiction as shown in this short, funny video:*Sorry, video has been removed from YouTube.RelatedFacebook TutorialsHow to Hide Friends List on Facebook Timelineby Kay B11Facebook TutorialsHow to Set Up a Facebook Business Page to Sell Your Products Onlineby L M Reid10FacebookHow to Create A Facebook Pageby Pixelrage LM1256Facebook TutorialsHow to Login Into My Facebook Account Without a Passwordby L M Reid55FacebookWhat Does The Blue Tick On Facebook Pages Mean? Verified Pages.by AnswerQuestions3PopularFacebook TutorialsHow to Close Facebook Accountby John Alan233Facebook TutorialsHow to Create a Custom Facebook News Feed: A Simple Step-By-Step Guideby Steve Witschel0CommentsSign in or sign up and พนันบอลออนไลน์ post using a HubPages Network account.0 of 8192 characters usedPost CommentNo HTML is allowed in comments, but URLs will be hyperlinked. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites.[email protected]20 months agoI am already sighed up with face book but I don’t know how to put anything of my own on face book. That is what I want to learn to do.Bangbang Nurdiansyah2 years ago from Bandung IndonesiaThis is the information I am looking for and here I find it thank you for sharingJuggle Jack2 years ago from Indonesianice guidebut I think it was changing alreadyDau santos 2 years agoHey, this is Dau Santos looking for assistance, my facebook account is hijack by some, you advice is needed and help too.Majid Nawaz2 years ago from Pakistannice info..docksonpaul3 years agoHow we can use Facebook as a marketing platform to generate leads & convert target prospect into customer?gepeTooRs 3 years agoI will right away seize your rss feed as I can not find your email subscription link or e-newsletter service. Do you have any? Please allow me understand so that I may just subscribe. Thanks.karen 4 years agohow can you deletes posts off facebookShay Phelan5 years agoI have avoided using facebook until now so your intro was necessary and helpful. Thanks a mil! ShayboPara 5 years agoThanx……..Harshit Sharma5 years ago from DelhiI found it the best to know more about Facebook.AUTHORSusan Ng Yu6 years agoWhen you sign up for Facebook, you create an individual account. Once you have an account, you can start posting. Whatever you post – status updates, photos, links, shares, etc – appears on your timeline. It shows your activity history. If you are a public figure or have a business, you can opt to create a fan page account instead, which people can “like”. Pages are marketing tools.Robert 6 years agoWhat is the difference between a Timeline (which I am told no one looks at), an account (who sees this?) and a fan page? it’s chaos and none of this is explained. What does a person sign up for and use?AUTHORSusan Ng Yu6 years agoCaroline andrews, maybe you’re just Following your friend and not Friends with him on facebook? That happens when a person has already reached the friend limit when you friend request him.Caroline andrews6 years agoIt was helpful, but i just can’t reply comments made or even write post on my friend’s wall. Can you help?[email protected]6 years agoHiI asked one question how can PINNED POST in FBMunir Khairy6 years agoHey,I lost home menu the facebook bar, it disappeared. What should I do? to get it back.Regards,Munir.bop 6 years agothink i will join, worth a tryMichael Nix6 years agoEnjoyed reading the basics about facebook and I think I’m interested in finding out much more before commiting myself.aaliyah 7 years agoya its really awesome to be on facebook i have just join the facebook last night enjoying!!!ShaamCA 7 years ago from Indiayou are right Susan ..i have been using Facebook for past few years its really amazing 🙂Sara 7 years agoHi Susan,Here are some videos on a beginner’s guide to using Facebook Pages, something your readers might be interested in. websiteThanks!SaraAUTHORSusan Ng Yu7 years agoYou’re welcome, January Jane. 🙂January Jane7 years agoHi Susan, thank you for taking the time for all you help!AUTHORSusan Ng Yu7 years agoThank you, louromano and Zohaib. 🙂yogini, I’ve often asked myself that very same question. Poke is one of those useless features of facebook in my opinion. ;P About going offline, in my experience when I opt to appear offline to a contact, I stay offline until I manually select to appear online again. :)yogini 7 years agowhat does poke means on facebookand for how much time does a going to offline for a contact worksZohaib khan7 years agovry nicelouromano 7 years agoHey a very informative Hub here. I appreciate this effort from you. The Facebook is not so simple social community like other. It has so many things and a newbie is sure to get confused. This is a good guide for a newcomer to begin with! Good job!Rajesh 7 years agoi can operate the menu button with mouseAUTHORSusan Ng Yu7 years agoNot unless you leave comments, Like or Share, creston. 🙂creston 7 years agoWhen you open and read someone’s wall, do they know you have done so?Better yet, do facebook users know if you open their page and look at their photos ect,?Idiot 7 years agoI am having a terrible time. People are courteous and try to explain things to me, but then when I try to put that information (such as tagging and sharing) into practice, I have more questions and do not want to keep bothering them. Even the turtorialscholi6 7 years agothanks for the tips susan! 😉perkolaytor7 years agoAbout a month or so ago I noticed my wall photo was no longer visible when I logged into facebook. Also, the wall photos for my friends (listed on the left or when clicked) are no long visible. I thought it was due to facebook maintenance, but the pictures still are not visible. Do I need to change something in my settings and if so, could someone step me through the process. Thanks so much!Gerrit Kruijer7 years agoGreat for starters like me. Thank you.B King 7 years agoIf I delete my facebook messages on my phone will I be able to see them on a computer or another phone?AUTHORSusan Ng Yu7 years agoWhich graphics can’t you see, John N?John N 7 years agoI can’t read the graphics??ds mor 7 years agovery informative and helpfulChristine 7 years agoThis is very helpful and clear. I used to have a place on my page that said “Invite Friends” but it has now disappeared. How can I get it back? ThanksTariq Sakbar7 years agoVery good information for learning point of viewAUTHORSusan Ng Yu7 years agoIf you can’t see your friends’ phone numbers on their info page in Facebook, then they probably didn’t disclose it or their privacy settings prevent you from seeing it. :)? 7 years agoI cann’t seem to figure out how to find my friends phone #s on facebook. Can you help?AUTHORSusan Ng Yu7 years agoThanks, everyone. Emmy, you can sign up for Facebook here: website 🙂Emmy David 7 years agoplease i want to joint facebook, And how can i joint it.shamshuddin7 years agoits goodAG 7 years agoTHE GREST HELP TO FACEBOOK USERsophia 7 years agoGreat info thx!!!!!My fb looks great im up to 294 friendz lol.wasim afzal8 years agoAs a Facebook user for more than 8 years I can digg this hub – though facebook is always changing the way it works, constantly making it better, have been trying to get a grip on making a good facebook page for businesses and such.Logo Design8 years agoNice!!! It’s really very informative article, I really appreciate your thoughts.I obviously enjoying and I also bookmarked & i will visit again in future updates.Logo Designsrnjit 8 years agoniceAUTHORSusan Ng Yu8 years agoYes, Danton. As far as I know, you can put anything on your wall as long as it’s legal. You can sell stuff, show your jewelry collection and put links to your site. 🙂Thanks, loveonline. You’re right, Facebook is always changing.loveonline 8 years agoAs a Facebook user for more than 8 years I can digg this hub – though facebook is always changing the way it works, constantly making it better, have been trying to get a grip on making a good facebook page for businesses and such.Danton527 8 years agoHi perhaps 2 days ago I posted a question–re: on my wall, and exactly what can I do with it…..i.e. can I direcly sell –or put a link in to my site. Can i show my new Jewelry collection. Hope U can provide an answer …thanks Dantonfelicitylovespari8 years agoI’m pretty good with FaceBook, but this is a pretty good for beginning users.AUTHORSusan Ng Yu8 years agoThanks, bib. 🙂bib 8 years agoThanks for a really lovely weblog. I discovered on this site knowledge designed in the perfect method. I will certainly suggest the webpage around the world and then also to each and every my buddies.websitefacebook proxy8 years agoif you can not acces to facebook use there Facebook login page.Joan 8 years agoQuite helpfulfacebook themes8 years agoThanks for your post. This useful for facebook users as well as just join members.ahmed 8 years agoniceJonathan 8 years agosomebody help me pls, When i open my messages. howcome i can’t see the conversation button?eshita 8 years agoyour facebook is very good but i am not able to make my account where you post confirmation email will you helppp me plzzzzzzzzMAYANK SHARMA8 years agoI CANNOT LEARN FACEBOOKmyi4u 8 years ago from United Kingdomgreat hub! I always find it difficult to keep up with the changes in Facebook as I am only using like 30% of the functionalities. It might be a good start by following the things that you mentioned in this hub.fblogin 8 years agoThanks lot 4 Your PostAUTHORSusan Ng Yu8 years agoThanks Prakash Sethia. But I’m sorry I don’t know how to merge accounts on facebook, if that is even possible. :OPrakash Sethia8 years agoI have two accounts on facebook, whiche were created by mistake. Can you please guide me how can I merge them?Prakash Sethia8 years agoA very good article I have read after a long period. I appreciate the time & effort you have put in to create this hub.MINDBLOWING……………….!Nicole Smith8 years agoI think Rebekah Diaspora Smith hacked my account, and is posting the link to my login page on her friends’ pages. I’ve never had my account hacked before, and don’t know what to do besides change my password. Although I’m not sure what good it will do.naveen srikantaiah8 years agoYou create a group naming their country and profession which will help you to track them very easily.PeggyW 8 years agothat post is goodAUTHORSusan Ng Yu8 years agoHi, bwl8585. You can hide posts from your news feed by clicking on “Edit Options” at the bottom of all the posts. Add Nordstrom Weddings and Big Love to the “Hide posts from” section. Hope that helps. :)bwl8585 8 years agoLast week I phoned Nordstrom Department store to make an appointment with a personal shopper as we are searching for bridesmaids dresses. Now “Nordstrom Weddings” is on my FB page. I also get posts from “Big Love”. I’ve never signed up for any of those posts so have no idea how to get rid of them. Is there a way? Thanks for the help for a novice user!Layouts for facebook8 years agothanks!sunnymarie 8 years agoVery good information! Thanks for sharingWeb Development8 years agoThanks for this helps for those who are still a bit behind on the facebook thingAUTHORSusan Ng Yu8 years agoA “box” was a tab you could add to your profile page but I think it’s gone now. It was like a bulletin board of sorts where your latest links, photos, videos, applications, etc. showed up so your friends could find them faster.unknown 8 years agoi hav absolutley no clue what a ” box ” is on facebook, can sm1 please tell me?AUTHORSusan Ng Yu8 years agoHaha! Thanks, Sun Pen 50. 🙂Sun Pen 50 8 years ago from SrilankaI am electing you as my Facebook consultant. Thank you following you.Website Development8 years agoNice one for the older generation who hasn’t quite gotten into facebook yet.alex 8 years agoI’m not trying to advertise here, but visit website for useful facebook tricks and tips and also other general tips and tricks. thanks!facebook74648 years agoFacebook is one the best social networking site.It is a user friendly site and also gives access to the new facebook layouts,which make it more tempting and attractive.websitekatrinasui 8 years agoThis is really a comprehensive guide. New Face-book users should read your hub first to understand how Facebook works.Tammy L 8 years ago from Jacksonville, TexasThe best part of facebook is looking up friends from high school and having a “reunion” without going anywhere and letting them see how much weight I’ve gained. sheeshDonna Oliver8 years ago from Midwest, U.S.A.Excellent resource! Thank you for sharing, great hub!AUTHORSusan Ng Yu8 years agoYou’re right, KenWu. Facebook has undergone a lot of facelifts since I wrote this article, but the basic principles remain the same. :)KenWu 8 years ago from MalaysiaAlthough facebook has changed so much lately but this is really a comprehensive guide 🙂NBAY_COM 9 years ago from websiteHey great tips and very usefull information. I used to really like myspace but once I got the hang of facebook.com I like almost as much except when it comes to promoting a business. So, instead of complaining I went and built a new social Network that is both for personal use and also for business profile. Check it out and let me know what you think. It’s called websiteEsrom Aritonang9 years ago from IndonesiaGreat info, you make it short and clear. I love it. Keep write wonderful info. Thanks a lot.AUTHORSusan Ng Yu9 years agoThanks, FindYourSearch. It took a while to make the illustrations and screenshots, but I knew it would make things easier to picture out. 🙂 And you’re welcome cookiesweet99 and Sue. I appreciate your linking to my article. :)Sue 9 years agoThanks for the information. Great as it is very easy to understand. Have linked to it on a FB group – Understanding Facebook.cookiesweet999 years agothx 4 the basics of the site..I’m uite new on it and the only reason i’m on it bcos all my friends areFindYourSearch9 years ago from Las Vegas, NVI love the diagram style illustrations you used to explain the profile and home pages. Taking the text out makes it instantly clear how the pages are organized. Great work!AUTHORSusan Ng Yu9 years agoThanks, everyone. 🙂shaunt123 9 years agoHi Everyone. I learned facebook through this video series and thought it may be of use to someone.websiteIgnore the marketing hype, its really a simple, easy to follow way to learn how to use facebook. The series takes about an hour and steps you through setting everything up and shows you how to avoid “newbie” mistakes that can be embarrassing. Check it out.Daniel Brown9 years ago from EvansvilleThanks for the facebook run downMina 9 years agodetailed informationExcellent Work !Ted Thompson9 years agoGreat guide, very helpful. Thanks for sharing!See 60 more comments

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