Happy New Year

New Dawn, New Beam
New Day, New Smile
New Journey, New Thinking
New Vigor, New Hope
New Enthusiasm, New Prospect
New Confidence, New Happiness
New Year, New Egress
The New Agile of Life

New Fragrance, New Air
New Eagerness, New Waves
New Desires, New Path
New Imagination, New Initiatives
New Laughter, New Mischief
New Search, New Concept
The New Context of Life

New in Mode, New in Sky
New in Phenomenon, New in Beauty
New in Era, New in Future
New in Period, New in Times
When entering the New Year

Let us go Novel Trails in the New Year’s
Do it Novel Determination in the New Year’s
Have Faith in yourself in the New Year’s
Fill Novel Color of Life in the New Year’s
Do it Feeling Religion in the New Year’s
Gladly love, every step in the New Year’s
Ran after success in the New Year’s
I pray that in the New Year’s


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